Kukunda Agency Terms of Business

Kukunda's Terms of Business


We set out below all the terms which apply to registering, purchasing and use of Kukunda platform, to process and make cheap international calls.

You should study them carefully

1. General


"Our" or "We" or "Us" means Kukunda.com is a secure website wholly-owned and operated by Kukunda Group Limited.

"Customer" means you the purchaser of airtime on Kukunda platform.

"User" means you as an account holder on Kukunda platform.

“Mobile number" means the mobile number that you enter to receive airtime on Kukunda platform.

"Top up" means adding credit to your virtual mobile number.

"Handling fee" is the fee Kukunda charges you for service rendered in connection with the transferring of airtime that you purchase on on Kukunda platform.

By accessing or using Kukunda platform, you become a "customer" and "user" of Africom Pvt Ltd services and you accept and agree to their terms and conditions (" terms of use" or the "agreement ”) including our privacy policy set forth in this document to the extent allowed by law. If after signing up for an account on Kukunda platform, you choose not to accept the terms of these agreements, you should discontinue use of Kukunda platform and also notify us of such at support@kukunda.com. Once we receive your request to discontinue use of our site, we will deactivate your account and you will no longer be able to use our service unless you sign up again for a new account.

2. Use of Services

To use our services you must first sign up at www.kukunda.com by providing a valid email address and entering a personal password. You understand that the information you provide during the registration process should be accurate and that it will be used to contact you regarding your account and about the services. By signing up on kukunda.com, you are responsible for all subsequent purchases made therefore. Once you register with kukunda.com, we will send you an acknowledgement email including your account set up details. Once open, the account is active and will remain active until you notify us to deactivate or close your account. You may notify us at by sending an email to contact@kukunda.com

We reserve the right to deactivate or remove your account for reasons including fraudulent activity from your account.

3. Changes to this agreement

Kukunda may amend or update this agreement at any time, with or without notice. The amended or updated agreement takes immediate effect and your continued use or access of the site will be deemed as acceptance of the amended or updated agreement.

4. Fees and Charges

All products and services provided at kukunda.com are charged in United States dollars (USD). In addition to the cost of the products that you purchase at our site, you will be charged a handling fee which will be added to the total cost of the airtime you will have chosen to purchase. The fees are clearly marked in your order summary and receipt. You have the opportunity to review your order and all charges thereof before finalising your order and making a payment. Payments are processed electronically using the payment method you provide.

5. Proof of Purchase

In providing this service, Kukunda assumes that the airtime you purchase is intended to top up or recharge your Kukunda mobile. Kukunda makes available to you the transanction history in the customer portal.

6. Purchases by non-USA-based Customers

All purchases made on Kukunda platform are charged United States dollars (USD). Purchases made by customers whose credit cards are issued by a foreign bank (bank that is not based in the USA) may be subject to foreign currency exchange rate fees or charges; charge by your bank not by Kukunda. These foreign currency fees or charges are typically shown on your bank statement and are separate from payments made to kukunda.com by your bank for your purchases on our site. kukunda.com is not responsible for determining or charging such fees to your account.

You therefore agree to direct any questions or issues relating to all foreign currency exchange fees or charges to your bank, credit card issuer, debit card issuer or financial service provider.

7. Refund Policy

All purchases made on kukunda.com are final and charges for airtime purchases as well as service or handling fees charged by kukunda.com for airtime transfers are non-refundable. "airtime" is an intangible product that once purchased and remitted to the end user or customer cannot be returned by you to Kukunda nor can Kukunda accept the returned airtime. As proof of purchase the remitted airtime is available to you via your account transaction history.