iPhone Setup Instructions

To use Kukunda you will need a softphone (FREE mobile app), please see instructions below for setting up Kukunda on iPhone devices.

Before you start you should have registered and received your Kukunda number and password in your email. Here is a link on how to get a Kukunda number

Install Zoiper to your phone, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, download it from the Zoiper website

Once you have Zoiper on your phone, open it. You may ignore the message to buy Zoiper Gold, Kukunda doesn’trequire it, so just cancel the message.
Open Zoiper and click Settings
Click the plus sign (+) as shown above
Select Yes
Click Select a provider


Select Kukunda and Enter your Kukunda number as +2638644...

Enter the password you got by email

Username: +26386449****** (your Kukunda number)
Password : (your password that you received in your email)
Auth User name: +2638644******@africom.com
Click Register
Zoiper should now say Kukunda Ready
Remember to buy credit and recharge click TOPUP