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What is a 403 forbidden error?


403 forbidden is an error that comes out when you use a wrong Kukunda number and password combination.

To troubleshoot check the following:

  1. Is your username correct? Your username on the app should be your full Kukunda Number e.g. +2638644922222. Make sure you include the ‘+263′ part and no extra spaces before and after the number.
  2. Enter a correct password: Check your email for your Kukunda Password. Alternatively you can change your password on the Customer Portal and set it accordingly on the app.
  3. Authentication username/ Authentication user: If you are using Zoiper on the settings you must ensure your Authentication username is set. It is in the format “”, no space before or after the number.
  4. Check your internet connection. Kukunda is an internet based service, it requires a stable internet connection.
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