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How to set up Zoiper after changing your phone



We are receiving a lot of calls regarding setting up Zoiper when you change your phone. Here are few tips to make the process easy for you:

1. You need to make sure you first DELETE Zoiper from your old phone. Zoiper only works on one device at a time otherwise you will get registration failure 403 error. 
2. Your Zoiper set up details are different from your login details to Kukunda website. Zoiper details are in the first email that we sent you when you registered which is titled Allocation Successful. Please search for this email in your mailbox before contacting us. 
3. When you have located your Zoiper set up details please follow the set up details on our website. These are in the set up tab in the menu on our website. The instructions are detailed with photos showing step by step process. Please follow instructions as they are to avoid any set up issues. 
4. Follow the tips ahead
5. Contact us when you get stuck. 

We hope this will help you and avoid any frustrations. 

Have a nice day 

Kukunda Support Team
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