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How to set up Kukunda on zoiper for Windows phone



  1. After downloading Zoiper, open the app and go to Settings, the settings icon is the third icon on the bottom of the app screen.
  2. On the Settings screen select Accounts
  3. On the Accounts screen select ‘Add account’. This is the first ‘+’ icon on the bottom of the app screen.
  4. Assuming you have registered and now have your Kukunda number, select ‘I already have an account’.
  5. Then select ‘Providers’
  6. Under providers, Kukunda will come up under United Kingdom, you can search in the search field as well. Select ‘Kukunda’
  7. Input your username e.g +2638644911111 and your Password as given in your email. Select the OK icon (it’s like a tick) to save.
  8. At this point your account should indicate as registered. If not, and you are getting a 403 error, select the account to edit its settings.
  9. Swipe to the right to get to Advanced settings.
  10. Enter your Auth username. This is [YOUR Kukunda NUMBER] e.g
  11. Save the settings (the save button is the first one on the bottom of your screen).
  12. Your account should now show as ‘Registered’ on the accounts screen.
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